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NetSetGo 5-7 years

Wangaratta Netball Association introduced the NetSetGo program in 2014 for girls and boys aged 5-7 years to learn basic netball skills through various drills.

Parents will be asked to assist with running skills/drills on a roster. The program runs on Fridays from 4.30pm-5.30pm for 8 weeks.


Registration is now through Netball Connect and participants need to select division based on school year, eg. Foundation, Grade 1 or Grade 2.

Net Tier 1: Prep and Grade 1 

NETSetGo Tier1 is a play-based program that incorporates whole group and small group activities. The focus of Tier 1 "NET" program is on fundamental motor skills development using netball activities and minor games.

Activities provide a fun way to develop a range of fundamental motor skills that are used in netball including twisting, turning, bending, leaping, dodging, skipping and sliding.

Modified equipment is used (size 4 netballs) and there is no match play or competition.

NET Tier 1: Grade 2

In NET Tier 1 Grade 2, participants build on their skills learnt in previous years through a series of fun activities on session consisting of skills/drills and the introduction of minor games that begin to incorporate game play activities and challenges.

Modified equipment is used (size 4 netballs) and there is no match play or competition.

Grade 2 NetSetGo players who turn 8 in the current year are requested to email Wangaratta Netball Association at with player name and date of birth so we can assist you with registration due to age limit. This is a simple fix.

NetSetGo 8-10 years

The NetSETGo Tier 2 program is a modified game of netball for boys and girls. It incorporates skills development at a training session held in the week prior and round robin play with the emphasis on mass participation and having fun while learning the game of netball. The program runs on Saturday mornings from 11.15am - 12.15pm for 12 weeks.

Participants enter as part of a team, usually through their primary school.

The program is divided into two divisions, Division 1 for Grade 4 players and Division 2 for Grade 3 players and the differences are as follows:

SET Tier 2: Division 2 (Grade 3)

- Modified rules and equipment are applied (size 4 netballs)

- Games are not scored and no ladder is produced

- Goal rings are lowered for the first 6 rounds before being left at their normal height

SET Tier 2: Division 1 (Grade 4)

- Rules are not modified

- No equipment is modified with the exception of a size 4 netball 

- Games are not scored and no ladder is produced

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