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This annual trophy commemorated the death of netball player Jenny Wenham. The Year 7 student died during a road accident whilst cycling from school to netball training. 

The trophy was awarded annually from 1998 to 2017 to a player in Section 4 but later changed to a Year 7 player, the age Jenny was in the final year she played netball.

Nominations were sought from coaches with Year 7 players in their teams with the winner selected by a WNA sub-committee. The trophy was presented at the Junior Competition Grand Final.

Award criteria:

-Always tries

-Thinks of her team

-Not the best player

-Regularly attends and cooperates at training sessions

-Contributes to the team

-Displays sportsmanship

-Tries her best at training and during matches

-Considerate of her team mates and coaches

-Plays within the spirit of the game


1998      Jessica Joyce

1999      Shae Hourigan

2000      Lauren Hall

2001      Rheanna Smith

2002      Jayne Petzke

2003      Erin Weston-Green

2004      Nicola Hutchinson

2005      Lauren Ritchie

2006      Meg Raisen

2007      Lisa Perso

2008      Mariah Miller

2009      Samara Robinson

2010      Kathleen Powell/Christine Powell

2011      Jemma Saunders

2012      Mia Condon

2013      Shania Roberts

2014      Shaylee Boruch

2015      Tyler Currie

2016      Nissa Hosburgh

2017      Eliza Demaj

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