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Wangaratta Netball Association (formerly called the Women's Basketball Association) was formed. It is said that Mr Archie Green, Manager of Wangaratta Woollen Mills first started women's basketball in Wangaratta in 1937 by encouraging the establishment of women's basketball teams as part of the social activities at the Woollen Mills. Originally played at various venues in Wangaratta that included the Wangaratta High School, the Woollen Mills, Bruck Mills, St Pauls, St Patricks, Wesley.

The first courts were constructed at the Avian Park Trotting Track. These were dirt or grass and marked out by lime. Originally basketball was played with one umpire but as the game became faster two umpires were needed to keep control of the game and play in progress.

Early in the 1950s, Women's Basketball was played on many surfaces from rough grass (mud after rain), gravel, asphalt or anything that was available, as they had no choice. Uniforms had to be exactly 4 inches above the ground when kneeling. Players were measured before the game while they knelt on the ground.

'Cookies dresses,' cotton tunic top with a lower waist and pleated skirt became all the rage.

Women's Basketball moved to Schilling Drive where 12 courts were built and a loan was repaid to the City Council over the next 10 years.

Lights installed on one court, an office constructed and support by Wangaratta Lions Club provided a drinking fountain.

The Wangaratta Senior and Junior Associations amalgamated. Juniors played on Saturday morning and Seniors on Saturday afternoon. 2" tubular steel posts were erected to replace the timber posts.

Wangaratta City Council constructed a shelter shed costing $2,550. The building had a dirt floor with a brick office at one end, metallic basketball nets installed.

Uniforms progressed to synthetic T-Shirts and pleated kilt skirts. During this time coloured bibs with letters representing the player's position started to be worn.

Association name changed to Wangaratta Netball Association as decreed by Netball Australia.

12 courts were resurfaced plus 3 new courts built.

More court lighting, resurfacing and drainage was undertaken. Upgrades to the building consisted of a storage room, canteen, meeting room, toilets and a change room.

16 and under Representative team won Country Week. 18 and under Representative team were Runners Up at Country Week. Country Week was help Queen's Birthday weekend in June at Royal Park, Melbourne for 3 days. Representative players had an official tracksuit made by "Striker" in Benalla.

18 and under Representative team won Country Week including 4 members of the winning 1980 side. Pleated Representative skirts were purchased.

New meeting room named Fran Doig Pavilion on April 5 in recognition of her contribution to the Association. The pavilion includes toilets, a change room, a control room and a meeting room.

16 and under Representative team won Country Week. Aqua, white and black became the official colours of the Association.

The goalposts were replaced with a unique design by Mr Brain Miller. On top of the pole is a trigger that can be released to drop the goal post down to the required height for Nett/NetSetGo.

April 30 Netta program commenced for Grade 3 and 4 participants. The focus of the program is mass participation, skill development and lots of fun with modified rules.

New canteen and storage shed constructed.

$20,000 grant received in January to upgrade lights at Barr Reserve netball courts for 5 courts and provide new toilet facilities.

Saturday Open afternoon netball closure (O&M commenced 1993 with 2 divisions and a third division introduced in 1995).

Shelters erected.

Fran Doig, WNA Committee Member awarded a Distinction Award by Netball Victoria.

Kath Finger, WNA Committee Member awarded a Life Membership of Netball Victoria.

"Netball Is..." A culturally Exhibition celebrating the culture of netball in the Rural City of Wangaratta was opened on August 7 at YMCA Stadium, Barr Reserve, Wangaratta.

August 31 Saturday Morning Netball competition received a 50 Icons for 50 Years Award in honour of "Your community spirit, longevity, beauty, innovation and commitment" to coincide with the Rural City of Wangaratta's Jubilee celebrations.

New goal post padding purchased with a donation from Wangaratta Motor Group plus 2 trolleys to store and deliver to courts.

NetSetGo 5-7-year-olds skills/drills program for Foundation and Grade 1 plus drills and modified games for Grade 2 participants began.

New Representative player dresses purchased with a donation from Wangaratta Marathons for the 2015 season.

Premier League A&B sections introduced in Junior Competition to retain females aged 13-17 within netball. Teams could be development squads for netball clubs within the region. Premier A Trophy donated by Wangaratta Trophies & Engravers. Premier B Trophy donated by Ovens & Kings Football Netball League.

Upgrade of the light tower and key system.

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