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Age requirements

-To be eligible to play the Saturday Junior Competition players must be between the ages of 11 and 17 as of the 31st December in the current year.

-NetSetGo participants cannot play in the Junior Competition.

-Registered players can only play for one team in the Junior Competition.

-Boys must be less than 13 years of age as of the first day of the season to be eligible to play in this competition. Refer to WNA Bylaws for additional information.

-Male players that turn 13 during the competition or season are permitted to participate for the duration of the competition or season.


-All players, coaches, and umpires must be registered members of Netball Victoria and Wangaratta Netball Association prior to taking the court.

-A player, coach, or umpire is only required to pay their Netball Victorian membership once for the current year. The Team Manager should request evidence of payment from the player. 

-Netball Victoria Regulations require any adult in a position of responsibility including coaches, team managers, and umpires to maintain a valid Working with Children Check and must provide evidence to WNA before the first round.

-Each team must supply at least one (1) to a maximum of three (3) umpires.

-Team are responsible for sourcing a team umpire.

-Team personnel need to ensure that their nominated umpire is umpiring each week.

-Teams who are likely to pay in either Premier A and B and Section 1 must provide an umpire for their time slot who is competent/experienced, and MUST be a non-Junior Competition player or coach.

-Premier A and B and Section 1 teams also need to be aware that their umpires' times may change as teams may be regarded at any time during the season.

-Team umpire for Sections 2, 3, and 4 must be available to umpire each week either the match before or after they play/coach.

-Any team who does not supply an umpire shall automatically forfeit that game.

-Umpires must check in 5 to 10 minutes prior to their game.

-Any team playing an unregistered player or player from another team shall result in the loss of four (4) premiership points win or lose. AND should a team win a match with a non-registered player the premiership points are forfeited to the opposing team.

-Players not registered with a team in the Junior Competition may play up to four (4) games of netball on a Single Game Voucher, provided they purchase a voucher online BEFORE commencement of each game. If the player then decides to register for the rest of the season the voucher payments will NOT be deducted from the registration fee, as it is completely independent. Single Game Vouchers do not count for finals eligibility in the Saturday Junior Competition.

-Refer to WNA Bylaws for information on "Borrowing" a player from your opposition team if you have six (6) or fewer players on any given game day.

-A player must play at least five (5) games with their registered team throughout the season and be fully registered to be eligible to participate in the Finals series. The team found playing an ineligible player in the finals will be considered to have lost that game.

Conduct of Game

-The Association would appreciate any team forfeiting to give prior notice so the opposing team can be notified in advance to prevent unnecessary travelling.

-Team representative and umpire to report to the appropriate window at least 10 minutes before the scheduled game start time.

-No jewellery, earrings or adornments may be wrong during the game. Taping of jewellery or fingernails is not permitted.

-All players must be in full correct uniform when taking the court (Girls-skirt/shorts; Boys-shorts plus polo shirt/t-shirt).

-Male players under 13 years of age do not need to be opposed to a boy player.

-Game time slots are; 8.30 am, 9.30 am, 10.30 am.

-2 minute quarter time breaks.

-Players not on the court are to stand on the sideline with the coach to form an Official Bench.

-Coaches must not walk up and down the side of the court as per the official Netball rule book.


-Only names of players present and in uniform are to be listed on the official score sheet.

-Ensure the registered name of the player is recorded on the score sheet.

-A non-participating scorer from both teams to stand together for the duration of the game on the sideline level with the centre circle. If a junior is scoring, an adult must also stand beside them.

Injury/Illness or Blood

-If a player is injured or bleeding during the play the player concerned must leave the court within 30 seconds when directed by the umpires.

-The player can be replaced or the position left vacant and both teams can make positional changes if they wish, as quickly as possible to resume play.

-If the position has been left vacant then the injured player may return to the court after a goal is scored and only into the vacant position or at an interval after reporting to the umpire before taking the court again, so the umpire can check that all blood has been covered and check clothing.

-Refer to the Rules of Netball book for additional information.

-All injuries are to be reported to the Clubrooms and an Injury Incident Form is to be completed at the discretion of the injured players or players' guardian/s.

Canteen Roster

-Teams will be posted to assist in the Canteen to coincide with your team's playing time. Most teams are only required to assist once for the season.

-The Canteen roster is prepared in advance and it would be appreciated if the Team Manager/Coach organise parents/guardians to assist our Canteen Coordinators to raise funds to keep fees at a minimum.


-Team Managers/Coaches please ensure that all team spectators respect the "umpires areas" around the court and move back when requested.


-Codes of Behaviour are available on our website and also displayed on Noticeboard.

-Rules books are available for purchase from clubrooms.

-Ice packs are available from the Canteen.

all teams are required to supply; Balls - warmup and practice, positional bibs (sets available from the office if colours clash).

-Any written complaints must be received by WNA within 2 working days of the incident.

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